New Xerephine single Release with Elephant Revival members Dango Rose and Darren Garvey

An original composition on the harp has been blossoming into a very sensitively produced single with the help of the masterful and talented Dango Rose & Darren Garvey of Elephant Revival and Evan Reeves of King Sequoia Records and UI Sound Studios. 

It began with a chance meeting with Dango, Evan and I when i was recording for a friends project in Evans Studio. They invited me in to record a harp song and i was delighted at the opportunity! A week later we were laying down the harp and vocals. The song was not lyrically or structurally was still an open book, so it was easy for Dango and I to re-write some of the lyrics and for Evan and Dango to change the composition slightly. I loved what they did!

There has been many ears involved in the mixing process and now it’s evolved into a wonderful track that i have been performing live at festivals and events this summer.

We are close to the last stage of Mastering…Release Date TBA!

We are also heading into the Studio for some writing sessions to create a Folk Inspired stripped down E.P this winter! More Elephant Collective Xerephine Collabs to come!

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