Shakti Sound Women's Retreat May 2019 at Sierra Hot Springs

I am SO honored to be working with an allstar team of women including  ALIA (Alia Melissa metcalf) Gabrielle Watson aka A Hundred DrumsMagdelion MoondropErina LoveSymphonia Lunar,  Ixchel Meow PrismaEartha Harris aka Living Light and more. to host an Immersive Music Production Retreat at one of my favourite (seriously, i got married there!) hot Springs: Sierra Hot Springs in California.


Shakti Sound is aiming to create something that has yet to be done; empower women to learn music production skills in a deeply immersive and creative environment. We are offering rich and diverse content that focuses on so much more than just producing a track and its components.

This will include

  • Basic and intermediate skills in Ableton, Logic and Cubase

  • How to get clear and focus in on what you want to create

  • The recording process in regards to composing various styles of bpm music and beats

  • How to work with sound design

  • How to mix and master a track.  

While the learning of technical skill is the main focus, it is made whole by the pieces around women’s empowerment in a currently male dominated music industry.

This will include:

  • How to find and share a personal message in your music

  • Building confidence and overcoming blocks which may arise as a woman in a patriarchal industry. (Production, booking, marketing, performing, self managing)

  • How to make a business model for a project

  • The sharing of tools to stay productive and creative

  • How to explore and create a stage presence and storyline or theme for your performances

  • Movement (yoga, tai-chi and more)

  • Ritual and Ceremony

Comprising of a group of powerful women who are connected with and performing in the music industry, we are ready to take this much needed support system into the world to unite under this common cause. We symbolize sisterhood and feminine synergy in a way that many of us have never experienced and envision that our participants are in for a deeply transformative experience. We are of different ethnicities, backgrounds and countries coming together to represent inclusivity and shared purpose. We strive to create a strong network of women in the music industry that place the value of shared opportunity much higher than competition. In fact we see that if this vision continues to take hold in all of its forms, more women will have the confidence to enter into the industry allowing women to get booked more often at equal stature and pay as male producers. The music we enjoy, weather at festivals and events or online will be a more balanced influence on the world. Women will enjoy the experience of being a part of something much bigger than themselves. Shakti Sound is not only an immersion/ is the foundation of a movement.

We invite you to support us in this effort to raise the voices of women up, to find balance and equality in the music industry and to empower us to pass valuable skills on to the women of all walks of life that come through our program. Please partner with us in this effort to make a positive impact on the world that our human family can be proud of. Whether you are a woman, man, or non gender identified, we enlist your support in empowering the women in all of our lives to share their song, their message for the world.  Thank you for believing in this movement and joining us in any way that you can.

Please consider donating
Through our nonprofit (Contact us to inquire:

Or even easier, directly to my paypal: (founder)

All documentation of how the money is allocated will be shared transparently.

Stay Tuned for more announcements and the first webinar date!!

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