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Xerephine  will captivate you. Her voice is like no other. Born and raised in the UK she carries celtic undertones and plays in an array of styles from upbeat ambient dance with deep bass to entrancing meditative soundscapes, featuring live harp and bodhran.  There is always something to dive into. Her potent lyrics unfold like fairytales to reveal messages about life here on earth. Activism and a thirst for healing the earth and its inhabitants weaves its way through her lyrical web and lies at the heart of many of her songs. 

She weaves her sound in a slightly unique way each time ....whether as a solo acoustic or live electronic set, with special guests OR a full live band with theatrical spectacle and storytelling prowess. Experimentation, exploration and fun play large roles in what transpires on stage!  


"Xerephine's music is creative and refreshing. Hypnotic songs dipped in magic and steeped in beauty. I love it."

-Kurt Bauman (Sea Stars, Kan'nal and Adam Freeland Live Band)


 "Channelling the spirit of the divine feminine in her ritual form, Xerephine offers us a ceremonial celebration shared in her uniquely beautiful modern expression. Through poetic chants, and layered vocal harmonies, she moves audiences to connect deeper to the vulnerable part of the human heart. Her willingness to stand firmly liberated on stage leaves women feeling empowered, and captivates her male counterparts. Xerephine is Goddess reincarnate"

- J. Brave (Luminaries)



Gigs 2017

Feb 4th                                      Flow Fest, Green lake, Big Island Hawaii

Feb 23rd-Feb26th                             Wizard of Om, Green Lake, Big Island Hawaii

Feb 27th                                     Pele's Waters, Kalapana, Big Island Hawaii

April 15th                                   Opening for Ayla Nereo, Ophelia's Venue, Denver CO

April 21st                                   Opening for Ayla Nereo, Paradise Theatre, Paonia CO

May 13th                                     Headlining Fiske Planetarium "Dome of Dreams" Boulder CO

May 27th                                     Headlining Tribal Vision Fest w Live Band, Paonia CO 


15th - 18th                                  Sonic Bloom:Hosting Archetype workshop and guesting w Lunar Fire.................CANCELLED

July 30th-August 5th:                        Live Set and Archetype workshop at Sun and Moon                                                      Festival, Sussex U.K 

August 9th-11th                              Flying Machine Stage@ BOOMTOWN, England U.K...CANCELLED

I will be taking a break from shows for the rest of the year to work on my new album and projects, spend some time traveling, and recording the new Live Band! Rest assured there will be much music, theatrical writing and magic happening all the while! Thank you all for your continued support and appreciation <3 <3 <3



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